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The Horrors – “Still Life” single (XL)

In Recent reviews on May 31, 2011 at 9:26 pm

The Horrors present "Skying," out 7/11 UK, 7/26 US

It’s not a stretch to say the Horrors’ latest single, “Still Life,” is an instant classic. A slow-burning, ’80s-synth-driven piece of pure genius, the track emotes a dreamy, in fact shoegazey, feeling that serves as a brilliant precursor to the band’s latest album, “Skying,” due July 11th. The same way “Sea Within A Sea” foreshadowed a completely revamped Horrors for 2009’s “Primary Colours,” “Still Life” does the same for this year’s model, taking the band’s post-punk-meets-new wave sound and planting it in new territory.

Of course, no one can judge the sound of an entire album based on the attributes of its first single. Nevertheless, “Still Life” indicates a bit about “Skying” that would have otherwise been up for speculation. Gone is the garage punk sound for which The Horrors were initially known; they did so only partially with “Primary Colours.” Additionally, the lyrical content on the new album may be more abstract than on previous efforts. “Still Life” itself is a relatively nondescript song, asserting “the moment that you want is coming if you give it time.”

The most enjoyable part of The Horrors’ newest single, aside from it being a brilliant song, is its representation of a band that is always striving to better itself, to top its previous work through leaps in skill and style. The band could have simply continued on with their initial noisy, goth punk iteration. Instead, they cleaned themselves up, embraced elements of new wave, and perfected their art, now most apparently with their new single. Overall, “Still Life” ensures The Horrors are still amazing, and more so in point of fact.

The Horrors – “Still Life”


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